MTE Process technology provides a wide range of random packing and structured packing in different types of materials, sizes and styles. Futhermore we supply the key internal components that are necessary for the packing to function.

Column packing and the column internals are shown below.

Column packing

Column packing

MTE Process technology offers conventional column packing as well as high performance column packing. The conventional packing is mainly used for direct replacement of existing column packing or to meet specific process requirements.
High performance column packing is more used these days. Next to direct replacement of existing packing, the packing is also used to increase the performance of a tower with conventional column packing.

Column internals

Column internals

Columns packed with either random or structured packing must also include several additional key internal components that are necessary for the packing to function. These internals include vapor and liquid feed distributors, packing support and hold down plates, entrainment separators and liquid draw-off trays. All designed to suit the specific requirements.

  • Liquid (re)distributors
  • Liquid collectors
  • Support and hold down grids
  • Feed devices
Column internals

All designed to suit the specific requirements.
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